Smartway scenario taxi

Product “Bundling in Pairs”: you are taxi company and you want offer your customers a new taxi sharing service to generate more taxi bookings and to reduce the transfer cost for your customers. Our product “Bundling in Pairs” is an easy way to start immediately and allows your company to earn up to 30% more.

Smartway scenario inner city food delivery

Product “Inner City Bundling”: recently many companies have established the so-called “Same Day Delivery” Service. Many of them do not have any automating software to bundle transfer bookings of theirs customers. Our product “Inner City Bundling” can help you and your drivers to earn more money and to reduce traffic jams and CO2 in your city. The optimized and timely bundling of bookings allows you to offer your customers a better transport tariff. Depending on the transport volumes, you can save working hours for your drivers and petrol.

Smartway scenario CAP delivery

Product „Inner City Bundling„: big carriers like DHL, Hermes, DPD delegate courier express paket (CEP)  companies to deliver packages from depots to customers and the other way around. Most of these CEP companies do not employ a tour planning software, which is usually very expensive. Our product “Inner City Bundling” will help you to optimally plan your van fleet. Your company can reduce transfer costs by up to 85%.

Smartway scenario express bundling

Product “Express Bundling”: your company has several autos and you want to offer your customer “dial a ride” service in your city. Then our product “Express Bundling” is the right choice. You decide how many bookings should be bundled to one route. This enables you to offer your customers better transfer tariffs and to raise your profit margin up to 60%, because most of your empty transfer ways can be avoided. You can expand your business to senior people who are more and more isolated from the outer world or to tourists.

Smartway scenario express food delivery

Product “Express Bundling”: if your business is transporting urgent packages like food products or offers express delivery within 30 minutes, then our product “Express Bundling” is the right choice for you. This product optimally bundles 3 to 4 matched bookings per auto und thereby allows you to save a lot of costs. Moreover, your company can also attract those customers who need their packages urgently.

Smartway scenario dynamic Scheduling in One

Product “Dynamic Scheduling in One”: big couriers usually plan their transport routes making use of a static tour planning software. Our product “Dynamic Scheduling in One” is a new generation of tour planning technology based on GPS positions and smart phone apps. “Dynamic Scheduling in One” does not only optimize thousands of packages and many vehicles in just some minutes, but also creates a corresponding schedule for drivers.